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Members' Tickets

Please note that to purchase a members' ticket you must be an active client or member at the time of booking.

Children of any age are welcome to take part in the Kids Events and older children are welcome to take part in the adult events if they wish to. Please email if your child is under 16 but would like to be added to a team for the adult events.


Tickets are non-refundable after 29 June 2023.

All participants will take part in a series of team events. Teams will be allocated and announced on the day of the event.


Participants also have a choice of individual events to compete in. These individual events will take place throughout the morning, allowing participants plenty of time to recover! You can pick and choose what you take part in, however we encourage participants to take part in all events if possible! 


Event Categories

The individual events will be split by the following categories.  


Ideal for anyone who is new or returning to exercise and is very happy to just take part.

Occasional Athlete

Someone who exercises 1-2 times a week and has done so for some time, but still likes to take things slow and steady.

Recreational Athlete

Someone who regularly exercises 2-3 times a week and considers themselves to have a good level of physical fitness.

Competitive Athlete

The speedsters! Someone who exercises intensely 3+ times a week and may participate in a sport competitively.

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