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Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition consultations are run by ISSN sports nutritionist Dan Price. Over the last few years Dan has worked with hundreds of clients and understands that nutrition is but one of many moving parts in a hectic schedule of professional, social and family commitments. As a result, Dan looks to identify the biggest windows of opportunity for nutritional change, without placing this at odds with clients' current commitments and values.

Dan aims to shift the focus of 'good nutrition' being considered a chore, towards something we all actively seek to benefit from. ​Dan does not just focus on short term weight loss. Instead he educates and guides clients to see their nutrition as part of their performance and recovery in all aspects of their lives, whether that is in the gym, at work, or at home. This shift in mindset is what leads to lasting, progressive change, rather than a quick fix.

All clients are offered a nutrition consultation with Dan upon joining Made for Moving. Dan works closely with each coach to ensure clients are provided with seamless support across their training and nutrition.


One Hour Video Consultation

You start with a one hour video consultation to discuss not only your goal, but any history and previous experience with nutrition or diets. You will talk through your current habits and look to identify the biggest windows of opportunity for change to bring about your goal. Dan's aim is not just to leave the consultation with enough information to build your bespoke plans, but also to leave you feeling 100% clear about where the focus areas are and what specifically is required to reach your goal.


Your Nutrition Plan

Based on your initial consultation Dan will then put together your bespoke nutrition plan and follow up notes. These not only meet the requirements of your goals with a detailed summary of the key areas discussed, but also include meals, snacks and recipe ideas in line with your preferences. The most important aspect of any plan is the ability to stick to it - this is why all of Dan's plans prioritise sustainability and are entirely customised to work alongside your unique lifestyle and commitments.


Follow-up Support

The level to which you may need continued support is completely individual. Some clients just need that first consultation and plan. For others, having a monthly follow-up session booked in the diary can be a great source of accountability. Chris and Dan work closely together throughout the process to provide you with seamless, industry-leading support across both your training and nutrition.



Consultation: £150

This includes the full video consultation and follow up nutrition plan and notes.

Follow-up: £85

A one hour, online follow-up appointment to be taken four weeks after your consultation to provide added accountability during the first month. This can either be an individual follow-up or a monthly check-in.


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