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Chris Etchells


Chris established Made for Moving in order to offer a more mindful approach to personal training and injury rehabilitation. Chris believes our bodies are 'made for moving' and that by learning to move well we can all feel great and look our best, whatever our age or level of fitness.

Prior to establishing Made for Moving, Chris worked in sports marketing and sponsorship with organisations and brands such as England Rugby, English Football League, NatWest, Nike and Standard Life Investments. As a result Chris understands how challenging it can be to balance a 9 to 5 office job, a social life, and family commitments with one's health, fitness and well-being.

Chris decided to change paths and launch Made for Moving following his own, mixed, experiences over the years with personal training and injury rehabilitation. It was a surgical procedure in 2015 that was the catalyst for Chris to examine how we move and the ways in which we train or recover from injury.

Chris' clients build strength primarily through bodyweight, gymnastic strength training combined with traditional compound barbell exercises. Chris believes that this combination provides clients with unmatched opportunities for personal growth whilst enjoying the fun and variety of ever more challenging movements.

Alongside their strength training, Chris helps his clients move and feel better by working on their flexibility and joint mobility. Chris believes this aspect of training is key to countering the physical limitations often associated with modern lifestyles, keeping your body pain free and providing you with the foundations upon which you can build greater strength and achieve new skills and movements.

Chris has experience of working with clients aged 16 - 65 and has worked with complete novices as well as elite athletes, performers and celebrities. Chris has also worked with a number of pre and postnatal clients.

Alongside personal training, Chris offers musculoskeletal therapy, combining massage therapy with joint mobilisation and assisted stretching to relieve pain and soreness, correct imbalances in soft tissue and improve joint range of motion.

Chris has learnt from leading coaches, osteopaths and physiotherapists in order to create his own philosophy and is always looking to broaden his knowledge in order to offer his clients the very best service. Currently, Chris is continuing his education by studying a Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree at the University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy) in London.

Chris is a committee member for the Friends of Haydons Road Recreation Ground, a local community group who work with the council and local residents to maintain and improve the park. Chris is also part of a volunteer group who clear rubbish from Beverley Brook on Wimbledon Common. During a rare period of down-time Chris can usually be found spending time with his twins or walking his black Labrador on Wimbledon Common.


YMCA Level 3 Certificate - Personal Training

ITEC Level 3 Certificate - Sports Massage

Diploma of Higher Education in Osteopathic Studies

Boxology® Accredited Boxing Coach

Animal Flow® Level 1 Instructor

Certified StickMobility Practitioner

Emergency First Aid Certificate

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