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Jo Marshall


Whether you want to lose weight, compete in an event, or improve your fitness levels, Jo will help you achieve your specific goal in a way that is tailored to your body, lifestyle and mindset.


Jo works with clients to improve their cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and power, and improve movement and flexibility. To do this, Jo focuses on three key themes: psychological benefits and barriers, enjoyment, and recovery.


Jo believes the psychological benefits of training are just as important as the physiological aspects. Jo helps her clients develop strength in both body and mind by encouraging them to adapt to new challenges, maintain focus and strive to achieve something they didn't think was possible.

To maintain motivation Jo adds variety and creativity to her sessions. Jo believes everyone can find enjoyment in their training and creates a positive and motivating environment to help clients develop long-term habits.

Alongside her coaching, Jo also provides soft tissue massage therapy and medical acupuncture. This represents Jo's third key theme, recovery. Unfortunately the importance of rest and recovery is often learnt the hard way. Injuries, pain and dysfunction can have such a detrimental effect both psychologically and physically that prevention is a much better approach than cure. Regular soft tissue treatments help maintain muscle and joint health, promoting an injury and pain-free life.

Jo comes from a team sports background and played netball at county level. She is also a freelance graphic designer.



YMCA Level 3 Certificate - Personal Training

Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals Coach

BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy

OMT Certificate in Osteopathic Articulation

OMT Certificate in Medical Acupuncture

Emergency First Aid Certificate

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