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What are the workouts like?

The sessions follow team sport and CrossFit programming. You will improve your cardiovascular fitness through sprint training and middle distance running. Through bodyweight strength training you will build full body strength within fundamental upper and lower body movement patterns, in addition to core conditioning.


Almost every session involves working with a partner or as part of a team. Not only is this a great way to get to know everyone, it will also take your training to new heights.

Are the classes suitable if I haven't exercised in a long time?

The classes are open to all, regardless of age or level of fitness. We keep things simple, so it is very easy for individual class members to modify the sessions to suit their needs. This can be done by decreasing the distance run, or decreasing the number of reps and sets, or increasing rest periods. If you have any concerns, please arrive early to your first class so you can discuss these modifications with your coach. 

What if it rains?

Classes take place come rain or shine! We believe there is little better for the body, mind and soul than being outdoors in connection with nature and the changing seasons, working up a sweat surrounded by positive, friendly people.

You will be challenged physically but with a healthy dose of fun and laughter added to the mix.

Where are the classes located?

'The Rec', Haydons Road Recreation Ground, London SW19 1AW

How much is it?

Your first class is free, then it is £48 per month for unlimited classes, or £15 PAYG for a drop-in class.

There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime. ​Membership fees are due at the start of each month and your initial membership fee will be charged on a pro-rata basis.


For membership enquiries please email

How long are the classes?

All classes are 45 minutes long.

Can I bring my baby or toddler?

Yes! We have a number of mums who attend classes with their buggies. Usually buggies are positioned near the baseline and advertising banner, which forms the base for all classes and is where members leave their water bottles and bags. This allows parents to tend to their child whenever necessary, whilst also being able to take part fully during the session.

Members who have children who are at an age where they want to roam and play sometimes set up a play area next to the baseline and advertising banner. If your child is walking then the only consideration is to ensure that they don’t wander across the line of other class members when they are running.


We are rarely standing still during sessions, but it is always easy to tend to your child during the session or during water-breaks and rest periods. Please note that should you need to stop and tend to your child the session will continue as programmed, but you will be able to join back in whenever you are ready.   

Which charities do you support?

Chris launched the classes as part of his commitment to playing a positive role in his local community. A portion of monthly profit from classes is donated to local Wimbledon or national charities. In recent months donations have been made to the Wimbledon Guild, Merton Faith in Action and the Wimbledon Foodbank.

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