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Online Coaching

Online coaching is led by Chris Etchells (Founder and Head Coach) and is ideal for clients who are looking for continuous support, guidance, structure and accountability in order to take their training to new heights.

Chris provides online clients with bespoke and detailed weekly programmes via a dedicated online coaching app, supported by instructional videos, technique reviews and monthly check-in calls or face-to-face sessions, depending on your location.

Unlike so many online trainers, Chris does not create generic workouts using AI or copy and paste the same session plans across multiple clients. Chris provides truly bespoke coaching tailored to you.


Your weekly programme is planned to suit your individual goals, taking your capabilities, likes and dislikes into consideration. Your individual circumstances are also considered, for example whether you will be training in a gym, at home, in a local park, or whilst travelling.

You will have a plan in place for every single workout, from the warm up to the cool down. The aim is to ensure you can hit the gym, or start a home workout, knowing exactly which movements to focus on during that session, how to perform them with perfect form, what weights to be lifting, the number of reps and sets to complete, the tempo of each movement, and how much rest to be taking.

With this in place, all you have to do is put in some hard work!

Your weekly programme is set out in the app, where you can tick off every set and provide feedback directly to Chris once you have completed each workout. The app will also be used to track your progress and set short and long term targets to keep you motivated. Chris will provide further support and accountability via your monthly check-in calls or face-to-face sessions, as well as via ad hoc communication.

To start, you can book a 1 hour consultation via Zoom. During this call with Chris you will discuss your needs and goals, your medical history, and your training experience. Chris will answer any questions you might have and advise you on how best to approach your training and nutrition in the short and long term. You will then be guided through a movement analysis which will help Chris gain an understanding of your current level of fitness and training experience.

Following your phone consultation you will be onboarded to the training app and receive your first programme within 48 hours.


Online consultation: £50 (1 hour)

Online coaching: £200 per month

What Clients Say

I have trained with Chris for a few months now and I already see benefits on my body, my energy levels and mental state, after years of not exercising.


Chris is very friendly, dedicated, patient and attentive. He tailors each session to my needs and makes them challenging yet varied and rewarding.


I look forward to my coaching sessions every week.


I highly recommend Chris.

I've trained with Chris for nearly two years and have been incredibly impressed by Chris' commitment to understanding my motivations, my way of training and most importantly, his commitment to giving me tools I will have for life.


I had come to fitness with the usual baggage of "wanting to lose weight" and confusion over conflicting advice too easily accessible now online. Chris has gently (but firmly) steered me in the right direction.


With Chris' help I have increased my strength, mobility and rediscovered a respect for what your body can do - and enjoyed the process!


Chris was my coach for 6 months. I am a personal trainer myself so it was important to find a coach who I could trust and I could learn from.


I loved my sessions with Chris. He is so knowledgeable and personable and makes the sessions very rewarding.


I would thoroughly recommend working with him, I’ve missed my sessions since I moved from the area.

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