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SW19 Classes

Made for Moving proudly bucks the latest trends to focus on the basic principles of health, fitness and well-being.

Made for Moving will guide you towards physical empowerment and freedom for years to come by helping you improve your cardiovascular fitness, become stronger and boost your mental health.

Our sessions follow team sport and CrossFit programming. You will improve your cardiovascular fitness through sprint training and middle distance running. Through bodyweight strength training you will build full body strength within fundamental upper and lower body movement patterns, in addition to core conditioning.


Almost every session involves working with a partner or as part of a team. Not only is this a great way to get to know everyone, it will also take your training to new heights.

The classes are open to all, regardless of age or level of fitness. Our workouts are designed to be challenging for the very fittest athletes, but the way our workouts are planned makes it is very easy for individual class members to modify the sessions to suit their needs.

Made for Moving is here to improve your quality of life by helping you move, feel and look your best.


Improve your cardiovascular fitness and become stronger

Nutrition support

Open to all, regardless of age or level of fitness

Experienced and supportive coaching


Welcoming members


Run by a local resident and in support of local charities

Physically challenging, with a healthy dose of fun and laughter


Class Location

'The Rec', Haydons Road Recreation Ground, London SW19 1AW


Join the Team

Free trial class available


£10 PAYG drop-in class


£39 per month membership (unlimited classes)

For membership enquiries please email


What Members Say

Before joining Made for Moving I didn't do any exercise at all. I was apprehensive about joining as I was worried the class would be too advanced for me. Looking back now it's without doubt one of the best steps I've ever taken in my life!


Whatever your ability you will be able to do it and it will only get easier and more enjoyable!


I feel the best I have ever felt in my memory due to the fitness and confidence I have built in these classes.


I can't recommend Chris, the classes, and the community enough. Good for the body and good for the soul.

I am happy to have found such a wonderful group of likeminded people. My strength and ability has definitely increased over the last 12 months.


Thank you Chris for inspiring us every morning to get going no matter what the weather is like. Doing press-ups on muddy grass, with the rain smashing down on my face has to be in my top ten of exhilarating moments.

I couldn't recommend these classes more. Becoming a member has meant I now exercise really consistently which is not something I’ve ever managed before!


The classes are always challenging, varied and so fun. There are great instructors who will push you when you need it but will always modify depending on fitness levels too.


It also helps that it really is the friendliest bunch of people that go and has been a great way to make friends in the area.

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