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Personal Training

Personal training sessions are held at ParkSide Gym in Earlsfield. ParkSide is a spacious, naturally lit space in which to train and is only open for classes and personal training. Membership is not required.

Personal training sessions are led by Chris Etchells (Founder and Head Coach) and are planned to suit your individual goals, taking your capabilities, likes and dislikes into consideration. Chris creates a welcoming and supportive environment in which to train. You will be challenged physically but always in a safe and progressive way, with a healthy dose of fun and laughter.

In a superficial and often exploitative industry, Chris ignores the latest social media trends and quick fixes and instead offers quality coaching, focused on lasting gains and long term improvements to your health, fitness and well-being.

Chris' clients typically build strength primarily through bodyweight, gymnastic strength training combined with traditional compound barbell exercises. Chris believes that this combination provides clients with unmatched opportunities for personal growth whilst enjoying the fun and variety of ever more challenging workouts.

Alongside their strength training, Chris helps his clients move and feel better by working on their flexibility and joint mobility. Chris believes this aspect of training is key to countering the physical limitations often associated with modern lifestyles, keeping your body pain free and providing you with the foundations upon which you can build greater strength and achieve new skills.

Upon joining Made for Moving, all personal training clients are offered weekly online training programmes and a nutrition consultation to ensure clients are provided with everything they need to make lasting changes to their training and nutrition.

2:1 Personal training is also available, should you want to start your training journey with a friend or family member. Training with a workout buddy can be incredibly rewarding and motivating and your coach will ensure you still receive individually tailored coaching.

1:1 Personal training sessions are £85 per hour.

2:1 Personal training sessions are £50 per person, per hour.

If you are interested in personal training please get in touch to discuss things further and arrange an initial consultation.


To start, you can either book a 30 minute phone consultation. During this call with Chris you will discuss your needs and goals, your medical history, and your training experience. Chris will answer any questions you might have and advise you on how best to approach your training and nutrition. Alternatively, you can book a 60 minute in-person consultation. In-person consultations include the same discussion regarding your goals etc., but you will then be guided through a movement analysis before ending the consultation with a workout.

Phone consultations are £25 (30 minutes).

In-person consultations are £85 (60 minutes).

For 2:1 personal training sessions both clients are required to book individual consultations to ensure each receive individually tailored coaching.

What Clients Say

I have trained with Chris for a few months now and I already see benefits on my body, my energy levels and mental state, after years of not exercising.


Chris is very friendly, dedicated, patient and attentive. He tailors each session to my needs and makes them challenging yet varied and rewarding.


I look forward to my coaching sessions every week.


I highly recommend Chris.

I've trained with Chris for nearly two years and have been incredibly impressed by Chris' commitment to understanding my motivations, my way of training and most importantly, his commitment to giving me tools I will have for life.


I had come to fitness with the usual baggage of "wanting to lose weight" and confusion over conflicting advice too easily accessible now online. Chris has gently (but firmly) steered me in the right direction.


With Chris' help I have increased my strength, mobility and rediscovered a respect for what your body can do - and enjoyed the process!


Chris was my coach for 6 months. I am a personal trainer myself so it was important to find a coach who I could trust and I could learn from.


I loved my sessions with Chris. He is so knowledgeable and personable and makes the sessions very rewarding.


I would thoroughly recommend working with him, I’ve missed my sessions since I moved from the area.

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