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Musculoskeletal Therapy

Musculoskeletal therapy is provided by Chris Etchells at ParkSide Gym in Earlsfield.


With a patient's input and consent, Chris uses a range of manual techniques such as joint mobilisations, massage and stretching to relieve pain and soreness, correct imbalances in soft tissue and improve joint range of motion.

Treatment can also relieve stress, ease common aches and stiffness and counter the physical limitations often associated with modern lifestyles.

Chris will take time to listen to your individual circumstances and tailor treatment and advice to your individual circumstances and presentation. Should treatment not be appropriate, Chris will refer you on to other healthcare professionals when necessary to ensure you receive the very best care.

Chris provides all patients with self-care advice and in some cases part of an appointment may be spent in the studio working through certain exercises. This passive and active approach helps patients create long term improvements to the way they move and feel.

First appointment (75 minutes): £125

Follow up appointments (50 minutes): £85

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