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Recent events across the world have encouraged Chris to consider his role within his local and online community and to actively work to promote and contribute to anti-racism, helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged and to support wildlife and environmental charities.

The following points form Chris' commitment to action.

Anti-Racism Education

Engage in anti-racist education and consider my own white privilege. Read more, follow and learn online from leading black activists and engage in anti-racism conversations. Recognise and call out systemic and individual racism and positively contribute to equality.


Donate a portion of monthly business profit to organisations that promote and contribute to anti-racism, help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged (including BAME communities, the elderly, the homeless and those living with disabilities) in addition to wildlife and environmental charities.


Teach a monthly live streamed mobility and movement class with 100% of the proceeds being donated to a new charity each month. Invite clients, class members and my online community to suggest charities they would like to support.

Provide a free training and nutrition resource to anyone who is financially unable to commit to personal coaching.

Teach anti-fragility classes to members of my local community who are over the age of 65 once Covid-19 public health guidelines allow.


Regularly review practices and adapt as necessary in order to help create positive change in my local and online community.

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